Building Permits: The Inspection Process

The inspection process is not for the faint of heart. No matter how good your contractor is, or how well you manage your own DIY project, your inspector is likely to insist on corrections. That’s their job, and frankly, there is almost always some detail to fix.

No one likes to be corrected. I won’t lie to you; some of the modifications imposed on us over the years have seemed silly, wasteful and downright maddening. I can recall being forced to make major staircase revisions due to a 1/16-inch discrepancy in riser height. Sometimes in the construction business, we wish it were a game of inches.

But in this game the rules are black and white, and in your inspector’s eyes, rarely open to interpretation. The rules maintain building standards and sometimes save lives. Today we’ll be examining typical building inspections required over the course of a project, and I’ll provide advice on how to pass the tests with flying colors, even if the rules themselves lack shades of gray.

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