Rose City Home Design


Rose City Home Design is a Oregon licensed company, providing architectural design services which include: house remodeling, additions, accessory dwelling units (ADU), lot divisions, and converting attics, basements or garages into living spaces. With a decade of experience, we have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects. Please look at our work samples on the portfolio page.

Our process begins with initial planning from schematic designs to completed permit-ready Construction Documents.

1 – Schematic Design (SD)

Beginning with a personal meeting, we will organize all your thoughts and dreams during the Schematic Design (SD) phase by helping establish a program for your project. This typically includes a list of spatial requirements (number of bedrooms, kitchen space,  number of bathrooms, rooms locating, etc.) from which we will base all of our subsequent designs. We will also perform a Code Analysis and establish your specific zoning and environmental restrictions.

2 – Design Development (DD)

All of the major decisions for the project will be made during Design Development (DD) phase. The sketches prepared during Schematic Design will be thoroughly detailed and developed into a complete set of design drawings that including a Site Plan, Existing Plans, Proposed Plans, Cross Sections and Structural Package from a Oregon licensed engineer. All building materials, fixtures and finishes will also be selected. A code review will be performed to verify that the project meets with the limits and requirements established by any and all regulatory agencies. When DD phase is completed, the project will be fully developed and you will be asked to approve the DD package and authorize us to proceed to the next step: preparing Construction Documents.

3 – Construction Documents (CD)

With the design fully developed, all the required technical information (such as dimensions, notes and code summary) will be added to the drawings. and various material lists (door schedule, window schedule, finish schedule, materials etc.). The Construction Drawings become the legal documents from which a General Contractor will prepare a bid and ultimately construct your building. Construction Documents (CD) is also main document for submitting  permit application.

4- Permit Service

Permit Service is not included in architectural design process. We also provide permit service upon requested (to be as an agent that represented to the owner), by preparing an application for Building Permit and submit the completed set of Construction Documents (CD) to the Building Development Services for their review and approval permit. This process may take a week or months depend on how complex of project will be